Monday, 4 June 2012

Spanish Eyes (on Europe)

Manager:   Vincent Del Bosque
Captain:  Iker Casillas
Star Player:  Xavi, no Iniesta, no wait Fabregas, no wait Silva, no wait Pique, no um not sure
Bio: A few blogs ago I said that I feel its Germany’s time to Win the Euro this year. I stick with that but for me the biggest challengers are Spain. Spain have a massive chance of winning this year as well as the last 2 tournaments. Spain have no weakness. They have no Villa or Puyol but they are still class in all areas. In Goal they will play Captain Casillas but if he was to get injured they would play Barcelona Keeper Valdes or Liverpools Reina. Not bad huh? Defence isn’t unbelievable but is very good. Pique is coming off a pretty bad season by his standards and no Puyol means that Real Madrids Raul Albiol or  Sergio Ramos will come in to partner Pique. Jordi Alba is ace at left back and should be the player who fills the gap they have had there in the past.

The strikers are top class. No Villa means Llorente, Torres and Negredo will fight over the 1 striker role they play with the likes of Pedro, Navas, Carzola,  Silva and Mata supporting them from more wider areas drifting in to the centre. The likes of Busquets, Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Fabregas and Iniesta taking the 2 centre midfield places. This squad is incredible. They are rightly the best team in the world but not only that their 2nd team would be number 2 in the world. The depth is quite incredible.

The only thing that tells me that they might not win it is because Germany are about as strong and no team has ever won the Euro then the World Cup and then retained the Euro in the history of Football. If it was ever going to happen its now.

Let me tell you things about the players you may not know. LLorente is a very large striker who is mainly used as a Target man. He is like a good Andy Carroll. Negredo at Almeria. He was sold to them by Real Madrid. They had a clause in the contract that said they could buy him back for 5 million euros a snip for a player who had scored in ever other game from Almeria. They swiftly sold him on without ever playing him to Sevilla for 15 million Euros and he has a 1 in 3 record for Sevilla. The lad that I think is going to be a world class player within 2 years is Javi Martinez. The Bilbao player can play either Centre Midfield or Centre Back. He can play both roles equally as well but his fairly short so may have to play Centre Mid in international football. This guys is very good with the ball at his feet and his vision is brilliant.

In short Spain will take some beating and there are only a few teams that could beat them but they did lose at the world cup to Switzerland so I guess they are beatable. ENGLAND BEAT THEM 1-0 THIS SEASON!!!! I know that was then but it could be again. Its coming HOME!!!!

Good luck Ireland, Italy and Croatia because you need to try and stop the force that is Spain and I don’t think they will. Spain will top this group. They would go on and play the team finishing 2nd in the England, France, Sweden and Ukraine group. Cant see any of them beating Spain (except England……well theres hope).

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