Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ukraine is pouring

Manager:  Oleh Blokhin
Captain:  Andriy Shevchenko
Star Player: Andriy Shevchenko
 Bio: I Could write about Shevchenko the whole way through this blog and it wouldn’t be boring but I don’t want to do that so all I will say is the former Ac Milan and Chelsea man is still playing at the age of 35. his record of 106 caps and 46 goals. Not bad for a team that has struggled to get to the major tournaments.

I would rather talk about the guys that you may not know about.  Well let me start by saying that one of their best players didn’t make the cut. In Aug 2009 Centre back Dmytro Chygrynskiy signed for Barcelona for 25 millions Euros. He was called a flop in Spain and only played 12 games before being homesick enough to return to Shakhtar Donetsk for 15 million Euros. Chygrynskiy didn’t make the cut.

All but 2 of these guys play in the Ukraine. They will know the stadiums better than most host nations. The likes of Milevskiy and Yarmolenko play together at Dynamo Kyiv as do 7 others and 6 play for Shakhtar. They know each other very well before they make the grade at international level. Milevskiy is one of their best players but in 44 games he has only managed 8 goals. The 22 year old Yarmolenko should be the best player for them. The Dynamo striker has started to take the pressure of a nation away from Shevchenko. He has 19 caps 8 goals to his name. not bad at all for a team like the Ukraine. Anatoliy Tymoshchuk will pull the strings in the centre of midfield. The 33 year old who plays for Bayern Munich has over 100 caps for the Ukraine and they depend on him to dictate the tempo of a match in their favour.

I don’t expect Ukraine to make it out of the group stages. I don’t expect them to win a game but I also don’t think they will be pushovers by any stretch of the imagination. They are a decent team.  A few years ago in world cup qualification they beat England at home and they had a good Draw with Germany Recently. The Problem is last season they played France and Sweden in home friendlies and lost them both. They were beaten by Sweden thanks to a Hysen goal in injury time and they lost to France 4-1 with goals coming from Gamerio, Martin and Kaboul and only scoring the one goal through Tymoshchuk

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Portugal Superstars

Manager:  Paulo Bento
Captain:  Cristiano Ronaldo
Star Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Bio: So should I talk about Cristiano Ronaldo or not. Lets he is going to be the main talking point in Portugal this summer and I wouldn’t expect it any other way but this is not a one hit wonder team. If CR7 doesn’t show up Portugal could still go quite far. This team includes Nani, Raul Meireles, Joao Moutinho, Miguel Veloso, Pepe and Fabio Coentrao. This is a good team. The problem Portugal have had in the passed is they created loads of wingers Nani, Ronaldo and Quaresma are still in the squad but didn’t make any “Strikers” meaning Ronaldo had to play up front and be a focus point at the centre of the park. This limited the Damage that he could offer by not being able to drop deep and pick up the ball and run with it and that is one of the things that he does better than anybody in the world. This is no longer a problem I expect that they will either start with Porto’s Silvestre Varela or Besiktas striker Hugo Almeida and maybe put in the highly rated 20 year old Nelson Oliveira who may not score many goals but reports in Portugal are that this kid is blooming good. Guess we will see. This side is getting on a little bit. They are not the young Portugal squad that was coming though a little while ago. Nani is 25, Ronaldo is 27, Meireles is 29 and so is Pepe.

Portugal have taken the quite unusual step of including a 29 year old midfielder Custodio who has never played for the National side before. Im not saying don’t take inexperienced players (at this level) but most uncapped players named at tournaments are younger usually under 21. From what I know of the guy he is a decent Defensive midfielder but I think it’s a risk taken a bloke like that. They also include 25 year old Miguel Lopes who is also uncapped but he is a right back who may not even play. But this was over former Chelsea Right back Jose Bosingwa who is out of contract but is fit so im surprised that the more experienced player didn’t get the call.

Expect Portugal to try and attack teams. For me they will be going into the last game against Holland with a Win and Defeat against Denmark and Germany. This would mean a hell of a game between 2 teams who love to attack. Im looking forward to seeing this game. I want to watch the whole group its going to be fantastic because as I said before I expect Denmark to not get over run even in a tough group so im very excited about this group.

Sorensen and Barry out of Euro

Thomas Sorensen has been rules out of Euro 2012 and have been replaced by Denmark legend Peter Schmeichel's Son Kasper. The Leicester City Goalkeeper is highly rated but i doubt he will be first choice. I would think that somewhere in the Denmark camp there are 2 very happy people. The first of them is fairly obvious in Anders Lindergaard who will now play for Denmark. The other is the guy who was told on sunday to make sure Sorensen was in better form before the Euro because he was blooming dire against Brazil. I think most people who saw that game will now be thinking that its a good thing that the stoke stopper is out of the Euro.

The other news is Gareth Barry is out of the Euro's as well. There is more than 2 people breathing a little better after this news but it raised a question in my head. Hodgson said that this squad was well rounded right? well it is now but before Barry went out and Jagelka went in England only called up 3 centre backs Cahill, Terry and Lescott. the plus side of this is we now have 2 partnerships who have played together at club level. Cahill and Terry and Lescott and Jagelka. not only that but they have both played well together. So thanks Gareth you have made Hodgsons men more balanced

Germany To Rule Europe?

Manager:  Joachim Low
Captain:  Phillipp Lahm
Star Player: Mesut Orzil
Bio: The Germans are the most successful team in the history of the European Championships and I expect them to be again. They have one hell of a side to take to Poland and the Ukraine. This team could run riot here and should be one of the teams to watch. The likes of Orzil, Lahm, Gomez and Podolski will be joined by the young guns like Gotze, Kroos, Muller and Hummels. There is not a weak player in the squad. The only concern that I have for Germany is the lack of depth up front. Its Clear they will play a 4-2-3-1 formation with Gomez being the lone striker. This in itself is not a problem but if Gomez isn’t scoring they only have Klose to come in and try. THATS IT!!!! They only called up 2 strikers. I know Podolski can play up front and Orzil, Kroos, Muller and Gotze can play a support striker role but they are not lone strikers so that would mean a change in style. The one thing the Germans will have is an amazing midfield. They not only boast all the players above but the likes of Khedira and Schweinsteiger in the more defensive roles with Lars Bender , Marco Reus and Schurrle of Leverkusen to come in if needed.
I watched the Defeat to Switzerland on Saturday and as rubbish as the Germans were the Swiss we brilliant. Add to that the fact that none of the Bayern lads played it shows you why the Germans got over ran. No Gomez, Kroos, Muller, Lahm, Boateng, Neuer, Badstuber, or Schweinsteiger in Switzerland. I think these guys would improve every squad in the world not just international. 

Its not just the names that makes me think that the Germans have this in their own hands.  The form of players like Gomez, Neuer and Orzil is unreal. Orzil was increadable for Real Madrid this season and Gomez scored goals for fun for Bayern. Dortmund won the German League and a few of their guys are in the squad. Hummels and Gotze are the 2 players that will become household names during this Euro in the way that Orzil was in the World Cup. Hummels is a brilliant young centre back who plays better than his years suggest. I remember watching the under 21 final between England and Germany in 2009. Theo Wallcott was meant to be the man of the tournament but Hummels stopped him every single time. He was everywhere. I knew from that game that he was going to become a world beater and he is firmly on his way. He has 2 German League titles since he left Bayern Munich for Dortmund. 

Ive looked up the finalists from that final in 2009 and these are the players who are in the full squad now. Neuer, Howedes, Boateng, Hummels, Khedira and Orzil. In the same final only Theo and Milner are in England squad. I know the Germans won but still they are really pushing though the next generation of German footballer. 15 of this side is under 25 and most are under 24. 

The group is hard. They are not going to walk over anybody in the group but they could still win all 3 games. Portugal, Holland and Denmark will be hard to beat but I would expect the Germans to win the group. The depth in the midfield and defence is brilliant but again 2 injuries could ruin the entire Euro. If Gomez and Klose were not able to play it puts the Germans in a really sticky place and I don’t know if they can get out of that. As an England fan I dislike the fact that the Germans look so good but as a football fan I cant wait to see them play. I think I would watch this side play Latvia (sorry Latvia I mean no offence) but Portugal and Holland matches should be instant classics. Im not ruling out Germany being knocked out as early as the Group stage but I would expect that this team will be expected in the finals. For me the only team that can beat them is Spain and that would be really really close.  

Monday, 28 May 2012

Great Danes?

Manager:  Morten Olsen
Captain: Daniel Agger
Star Player: Christian Eriksen
Bio: should I write in red for this one????? Naaa. So a few days ago I told you the amazing story the little old Greece won Euro 2004 despite not being fancied for it. Well in 1992 Denmark won a tournament they didn’t even qualify for (kinda wee’s all over Greece’s feat huh?).  You see in 1992 the Danes missed out on the Euro qualifications missing out to Yugoslavia. But Yugoslavia started a war and Uefa threw them out of Euro 92 and replaced them with the Holidaying Danes. They went to Sweden not fancied because everybody else had so much longer to prepare for the Euro and the Danes had 2 weeks. Well they won the blooming thing and gave everybody hope that even if your team isn’t very good and luck is going against you the you have the line “yeah but Denmark won Euro 92 and they only had 2 weeks to get ready for it”.

This Denmark team won win this Euro and if they did I would say I would be more impressed than I am of the 92 team. You see the likes of Schmeichel and the Laudrup brothers are no more (Michael Laudrup chose not to play in 92 but you get my point). This team now relies on the likes of Ajax ace Eriksen and Nicklas Bendtner. Make no mistake the Danes will be no pushovers. This team boasts Daniel Agger and Roma’s Simon Kjaer who is one of Europe’s finest young Defenders. I Hear good things about Brondby’s Michael Krohn-Dehli but haven’t seen him play. For me a 28 year old who is still playing in Denmark is probably not the best player in the world but could have an impact. Denmark still have 33 year old Former “fastest player in the world” Dennis Rommedahl who is back in Denmark playing for Brondby. And finally in goal they have Sorensen and Manchester United Anders Lindegaard who at one point this season was United number 1 whilst De Gea was finding his feet. Unfortunately for Anders David De Gea has found those very talented feet and Lindergaard is now number 2 for club and country.

I watched their warm up game against Brazil. I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t expect Denmark to win don’t get me wrong but they showed nothing of note. They let in 2 soft goals in 11 minutes that I would expect a top keeper who was really going for it to save. And ended up losing by 3-1 and the 1 they scored was a tap in by Daniel Agger who had no right to be where he did and he scuffed it. They need to be at the top of their game to get through and I suspect its to much for them. In their first game they have to try and stop Robin Van Persie and the Dutch. Next up is Ronaldo and Nani’s Portugal and then they have to stop the Germans and Gomez. Seriously I don’t think there is a person in Denmark that is happy they are in this group.  

I think the best that the Danes can hope for is 1 win and realistically I think they may be able to Draw against Portugal but they would need them to suck and for the Danes to be on top form. I really feel for these guys they have been unlucky because this isn’t a bad team. In Group A I might even fancy them to win the Group in Group C and D they would have a chance all be it small but it would be a case of 1 good win might see them through but in this group that wont be enough and I think the Danes will be the first team home.

Sorry Denmark.

Dutch Luck

Manager:  Bert Van Marwijk
Captain: Mark Van Bommel
Star Player: Robin Van Persie
Bio: Thought I would write this one in Orange. Nice huh? So Finally I get a chance to write about one of the favourites to Win EURO 2012. WOOOO!!! The Dutch have a few of the world class players that Group A lacks. Say what you want about the likes of Robben, Van Persie and Sneijder but nobody can argue that these 3 players are in the best players in the world category. Add to that the likes of Van Der Vaart, Hunterlaar and Afellay (no Liverpool fans I wont put Kuyt in this category) who are just below world class you have a pretty good team right??? The problem for the Dutch is they lack world class Defenders. Van Der Wiel, Heitinga, Mathijsen, Boulahrouz. BOUMA (YES THE FORMER VILLA PLAYER WHO I THOUGHT RETIRED BECAUSE OF INJURY IS PLAYING FOR PSV AND GOT INTO THE SQUAD!!!!) and Vlaar don’t set the world alight and they have Willems who at 18 years old is youngest player at the Euro. If anybody in their right mind thinks that this defence is going to be able to keep out the likes of Ronaldo and Mario Gomez your having a laugh. The only way that this team is going to beat Germany and Portugal (and they have to beat at least one of them) is to out score them and hold on to the ball. The classic “best defence is a decent offence” line is very much in place with Holland.

For my money Germany are the most complete team in the Euro so I would expect them to beat the Dutch to the top spot of Group B. For me the winner of the Portugal v Netherlands game (side note the orange is now hurting my eyes) will in the 2nd place in the group and this may be a classic. The Dutch have no defence and Portugal don’t have much plus all the attacking quality of Ronaldo, RVP (Robin Van Persie), Nani, Robben ect. It will almost certainly be a 0-0 now. The Dutch have enough quality to get out the group and they should be able to see off Russia or Czech Rep or even Possibly Greece or Poland (if they were to get through) so a decent bet for a Semi final or even Final appearance. Nothing to say Holland don’t have enough quality to Win the cup but I think there are 2 more complete teams in the Euro (Spain and Germany) and I would be surprised to not see them in the final.

The one thing I can tell you we will see in this Dutch team is brilliant passing skill and goals. Van Persie is as good a finisher as you are going to get. He Scored agains Bulgaria on Saturday and the link between him and Sneijder is looking set. Robben is going to be looking to expel the demons of missing a Pen in the Champions League final that would have won the blooming thing for Bayern. Sneijder is a puppet master in the centre of midfield. The control he has of a game is unbelievable. And if you work out a way of stopping him then they have Van Der Vaart to step up and do it instead. Crazy good in attacking options but lacking in Defensive players! They sound like Brazil and I guess it never stopped them huh?

In Goal they will play Maarten Stekelenburg who playing in Italy for Roma. He has really stepped up since the retirement of Van Der Saar. He was very impressive at the world cup and dispite the emergence Tim Krul and Swansea’s Vorm, Stekelenburg will start in the Dutch goal. The player you may not know who will start is Kevin Strootman. He is a 22 year old who plays for PSV and he wont score many if any goals. That’s not his game. He ticks the ball over and keeps it moving in midfield. Expect him to pick the ball up from the back and try and make space for the likes of Sneijder and Van Der Vaart. Van Bommel will start in the centre mid as well.

I expect big things from Netherlands but they may stumble at the group stage because of the group they have been dealt. Its kind of strange that for me they will either be a semi finalist/finalist or out at the group stage.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Czech Yourself

Manager: Michal Bilek
Captain: Thomas Rosicky
Star Player: Petr Cech
Bio: Ok so firstly this ends my Group A round up boy am I glad about that. No disrespect intended but this is the group that lacks a world class outfield player. I say Outfield because Czech Republic are blessed to have one of the very best goalkeepers in the world. Cech has been fantastic since signing for Chelsea and has won everything with them including the Champions League this season. The Czechs also boast the Euro 04 top scorer in Milan Baros who you may remember from his days at Liverpool and Aston Villa. He is currently playing in Turkey for Galatasaray. This isn’t a team full of stars, they have Baros, Cech and Rosicky and Kadlec is very underrated but you look at the others and most are flying under the radar at the moment.

The only thing I will say is don’t expect the Jan Koller lead team that got to the Semi’s in 04 nor is it the Karel Poborsky lead team that got to the final in England in 96. This team is not at that level. They Beat Montenegro in a Play off to get to the finals after getting 2nd in a qualifying group that included Scotland and Spain (who won the group). For me they are a Quarter-final team but no further.

The player to look out for is CSKA Moscow’s Tomas Necid. The 22 Year old is very impressive when played as a Targetman and you can expect to see him lining up with Baros. If Necid doesn’t play they have a like for like in Tomas Pekhart who used to play for Spurs Reserves. But as I have stated before if your looking for a “Dark Horse” I would look elsewhere. Put this team in any other group and they wouldn’t get out of it. I expect them to get 2nd in this group and then be soundly beaten by Portugal, Germany or Holland (sorry Denmark but if you think your winning your group, your wrong).

Friday, 25 May 2012

Russian Roulette

Manager: Dick Advocaat
Captain: Andrei Arshavin
Star Player: Andrei Arshavin
Bio: Russia were the surprise team of Euro 2008 to most people. The relatively unknown Andrei Arshavin got himself a massive move because of their semi final run. As well as Roman Pavlyuchenko  and Yuri Zhirkov (i swear Group A was put together because all the names are hard to spell). They showed themselves as a strong team under Guus Hiddink. Dick Advocaat (the former Rangers manager) got the job by leading Zenit to the Europa League title. 

This is the team i expect to win Group A. They have 2 pretty good goalkeepers in Akinfeev and Malafeev, they have one of the Ignashevich twins (the other must not have made it). An ok midfield including the player im most looking forward to seeing in Alan Dzagoev who is a 21 year old CSKA Moscow Midfielder has been called the Russian Scholes (that could be the same as saying the Estonian Pele it means nothing). The Russians have an impressive set of forwards that include Roman Pavlyuchenko formally of Spurs and Pavel Pogrebnyak of Fulham who showed the Premiership what he was all about this season. Watch out for Aleksandr Kerzhakov who played for Sevilla in Spain for a short while and has an impressive Goal per game ratio. 

This is an old team now. This is last chance saloon for a lot of these players. Ashavin is 30, Pav is 30 aswell. there is only 1 player under the age of 25 with more than 1o caps and thats Dzagoev. I suspect that this team will have goals in them unlike the others in the group and thats what sets them apart for me. none of the others have that firepower in their side and while they all boast good Goalkeepers none have a good 2nd choice except Russia. They have the best manager in the group and tones of experience. expect them to win all 3 games in the group stage and but fall at the Quarter finals because they will play Portugal, Germany, Denmark or Holland. Not a bad team and most likely of Group A to win the Cup but i dont think they will.  

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Greek Gods?

Manager: Fernando Santos
Captain: Giorgos Karagounis
Star Player: Sortiris Ninis
Bio: In 2004 something amazing happened. Greece went into the European Championship in Portugal and WON!!!! i know right? how did that happen? England have been Waiting 40 odd years to win a bloody cup and GREECE WIN THE BLOOMING EURO! so they must have had an easy run right? no they didn't. The Group they were given were host nation Portugal, Spain and Russia. Im telling you now England wouldn't have got out of that group. They opened the tournament with a 2-1 win over Portugal, then Beat Spain and then lost to Russia 2-1. They were Drawn against France in the Quarter-finals and then the Czech Rep in the Semi Finals winning due to a Silver Goal (if you scored in extra time you would win at the end of that half and not the end of extra time. Since been withdrawn as it was rubbish). They set up a rematch of the opener against Portugal in their Home Stadium. They stood no chance or did they. They won 1-0 thanks to a Basinas Header and amazingly they won they Tournament.  

The Team of today is not much different. They have replaced most of the old boys Karagounis is still playing at the tender age of 35 and a few others remain but the talk will be of the players who have come through after 2004. The Greece supporters will be hoping big things from the likes of Ninis and Kyriakos Papadopoulos. If you don't know much about these guys let me fill you in. Ninis is a 23 year old winger from Panathinaikos in Greece. He has been rumored to Europe's best at some stage or another and looks like a decent player whenever i have seen him. He has to be looking for a move this summer and to do that he needs a big Tournament. Papadopoulos is a 20 year old Centre back that most in Germany rate as the top Defender under the age of 21. He plays for Schalke in Germany and is playing for their first team week in week out. He is very good and I expect big things from him. 

The worry that i have for Greece is there lack of fire power Gekas is their top scorer with 21 goals in 56 games. Not a bad international record but he is 32 and passed his peak. He was no David Villa at the best of times. Their strikers include Man City reject and Current Celtic striker Samaras. I must say I don't expect much from him at the Euro as i think he is god awful. Like a few other teams in this Cup i don't expect them to score many goals and I don't expect them to let in that many either but unlike other teams i think you can score goals against them. Papadopoulos is good but you cant rely on a 20 year old centre back to stop the likes of Van Persie or Rooney. If one thing is in their favour its the group they are in. I think they are not far off the Czech's and the Russians but nor are Poland. I must say this group can go any way and its hard to call but even so i don't expect Greece to get out of the group and could well get beaten in all 3 games. But i said the same thing 8 years ago and look how wrong i was then. 

The Greeks have screwed the Euro Currency but lets hope they don't let us down in the European Championship  

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Poland or Pooland?

Manager: Franciszek Smuda
Captain: Jakub Biaszczykowski
Star Player: Robert Lewandowski
Bio: Poland qualified for the Euro by being one of the 2 host nations. They are a side without real star quality. In Wojciech Szchesny they have one of Europe’s top young Goalkeepers and in Robert Lewandowski they have a striker that has proved this season with Dortmund that he can score goals. Other players of note are Jakub Biaszczykowski a winger from Dortmund and Celtic’s Pawel Brozek. My worry for this team is that they wont get passed the group stage. I like seeing a home nation go quite far. Of the 2 home nations I think Poland stand a better chance than the Ukraine of getting passed the group stage. My fear is that both the Home Nations will be whipping boys.

The Real Problem with Poland is the Defence. Their defence they have called up are Wasilewski (31 years old plays for Anderlecht in Belgium), Jakub Wawrzynick (28 year old left back or Centre back who plays for Legia in Poland. He has had a 3 month ban for Drugs), Tomasz Jodlowiec (27 year old plays for Polonia in Poland), Lukasz Piszczek (27 year old who plays for Dortmund). Heard of any of them? I think I have heard of Piszczek but I may be wrong. Szchesny of Arsenal is going to need to be on top form for this team to progress.

They will play Greece, Russia and the Czech Republic in the group stage. Looks weak on paper but Greece won the euro in 2004. Russia were semi finalists in 2008 and Czech Republic were finalist in 1996 and have players like Chelsea’s Cech and Milan Baros of Galatasaray who was the top scorer in Euro 2004. Poland are Opening the Tournament with their first game against Greece on the 8th June 2012. I think they have a chance in this game as Greece had an easy group to qualify and one of their star players is Man City Reject Samaras. As this is a Poland home game I would say they have a chance. I would fancy Russia and Czech Rep to beat Poland and Progress but a win over either of them and Greece could see them through to the Quarter finals where they will almost certainly lose to the group winners of the Germany, Portugal, Holland and Denmark group.

The manager needs to get these guys to watch the Greece 2004 team as they need to play as a team otherwise they stand no chance.

and the squads are in

So the Squads to the most part are in and there are a few surprises. I wont mention the Spain squad as this doesn’t include any Bilbao or Barcelona players because of their Spanish cup final. So they have called up a squad of players to play in the friendlies before the Euro.

 But firstly I would like to make my predictions.

Winner of Euro 2012: Germany. Look I know the Spanish won the World Cup and the Euro 2008 but this is a Different Spanish team to that. I don’t think they have the fire power they have had in previous years. Villa is out as is Carlos Puyol and this will hit the Spanish hard. Torres hasn’t been the same since the world cup so they will be relying on Fernando Llorente. They will do well and im in no way saying they cant win it but for me there are 4 teams who can win it. Spain, France, Germany and Holland. Of those 4 I believe the Germans have the strongest squad. They have a top3 keeper, a top 2 left back, 2 brilliant and underrated centre backs. A huge selection of fantastic midfield players who range from the industrial Khedira to the sublime Ozil but for me the 2 players that will stand out for them are Gotze and Mario Gomez. Gotze has been a shining light in Dortmund’s triumphant double winning team and Gomez Scored 41 goals this season for Bayen Munich. So Germany are my tips to win it.

Top Goal Scorer: Well as a watcher of the English Premier League I have the Honour of watching Robin Van Persie every week and let me tell you this boy can score goals but for me there are a few that can win this. Gomez (Mentioned above), Ronaldo (do I really need to tell you why), Rooney (why not???), Benzema (Real Madrid’s 2nd top scorer) and there are a few who have a lower reputation like Jelavic or Di Natale. For me I think it will be Mario Gomez (I seem like a Germany Fan but im an England fan)

Surprise team? Well I think this will be whoever comes out of Group A I would expect England France, Spain and Italy, Germany and either Holland or Portugal to go through and none of those can be a surprise but Poland, Greece (I know they won 04 but still), Russia and Czech Rep will be the surprise team I can see Russia and Czech going through so im going Czech Rep but look out for the Croatians I think they will be good but im not sure how good. Can they be better than Italy? I guess we will see.

Find of the Tournament. This is the player like Rooney in 04 or Arshavin in 08. they player who has a reputation as a good player but will improve it no end by the end of it. Well I think its one of Gotze, Alan Dzagoev of Russia, Christian Eriksen of Denmark or Sebastian Giovinco of Italy. Im going to go with Dzagoev remember the name.

So I know what your thinking “what can we expect from this blog Wezza” firstly I will try and run through all the teams in the next two weeks (don’t expect much about Poland and Ukraine because well quite frankly I don’t know much about them). When the tournament starts ill review every game, what that means and what I thought.

We are going to have fun so I hope you enjoy the ride.