Monday, 28 May 2012

Great Danes?

Manager:  Morten Olsen
Captain: Daniel Agger
Star Player: Christian Eriksen
Bio: should I write in red for this one????? Naaa. So a few days ago I told you the amazing story the little old Greece won Euro 2004 despite not being fancied for it. Well in 1992 Denmark won a tournament they didn’t even qualify for (kinda wee’s all over Greece’s feat huh?).  You see in 1992 the Danes missed out on the Euro qualifications missing out to Yugoslavia. But Yugoslavia started a war and Uefa threw them out of Euro 92 and replaced them with the Holidaying Danes. They went to Sweden not fancied because everybody else had so much longer to prepare for the Euro and the Danes had 2 weeks. Well they won the blooming thing and gave everybody hope that even if your team isn’t very good and luck is going against you the you have the line “yeah but Denmark won Euro 92 and they only had 2 weeks to get ready for it”.

This Denmark team won win this Euro and if they did I would say I would be more impressed than I am of the 92 team. You see the likes of Schmeichel and the Laudrup brothers are no more (Michael Laudrup chose not to play in 92 but you get my point). This team now relies on the likes of Ajax ace Eriksen and Nicklas Bendtner. Make no mistake the Danes will be no pushovers. This team boasts Daniel Agger and Roma’s Simon Kjaer who is one of Europe’s finest young Defenders. I Hear good things about Brondby’s Michael Krohn-Dehli but haven’t seen him play. For me a 28 year old who is still playing in Denmark is probably not the best player in the world but could have an impact. Denmark still have 33 year old Former “fastest player in the world” Dennis Rommedahl who is back in Denmark playing for Brondby. And finally in goal they have Sorensen and Manchester United Anders Lindegaard who at one point this season was United number 1 whilst De Gea was finding his feet. Unfortunately for Anders David De Gea has found those very talented feet and Lindergaard is now number 2 for club and country.

I watched their warm up game against Brazil. I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t expect Denmark to win don’t get me wrong but they showed nothing of note. They let in 2 soft goals in 11 minutes that I would expect a top keeper who was really going for it to save. And ended up losing by 3-1 and the 1 they scored was a tap in by Daniel Agger who had no right to be where he did and he scuffed it. They need to be at the top of their game to get through and I suspect its to much for them. In their first game they have to try and stop Robin Van Persie and the Dutch. Next up is Ronaldo and Nani’s Portugal and then they have to stop the Germans and Gomez. Seriously I don’t think there is a person in Denmark that is happy they are in this group.  

I think the best that the Danes can hope for is 1 win and realistically I think they may be able to Draw against Portugal but they would need them to suck and for the Danes to be on top form. I really feel for these guys they have been unlucky because this isn’t a bad team. In Group A I might even fancy them to win the Group in Group C and D they would have a chance all be it small but it would be a case of 1 good win might see them through but in this group that wont be enough and I think the Danes will be the first team home.

Sorry Denmark.

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