Wednesday, 23 May 2012

and the squads are in

So the Squads to the most part are in and there are a few surprises. I wont mention the Spain squad as this doesn’t include any Bilbao or Barcelona players because of their Spanish cup final. So they have called up a squad of players to play in the friendlies before the Euro.

 But firstly I would like to make my predictions.

Winner of Euro 2012: Germany. Look I know the Spanish won the World Cup and the Euro 2008 but this is a Different Spanish team to that. I don’t think they have the fire power they have had in previous years. Villa is out as is Carlos Puyol and this will hit the Spanish hard. Torres hasn’t been the same since the world cup so they will be relying on Fernando Llorente. They will do well and im in no way saying they cant win it but for me there are 4 teams who can win it. Spain, France, Germany and Holland. Of those 4 I believe the Germans have the strongest squad. They have a top3 keeper, a top 2 left back, 2 brilliant and underrated centre backs. A huge selection of fantastic midfield players who range from the industrial Khedira to the sublime Ozil but for me the 2 players that will stand out for them are Gotze and Mario Gomez. Gotze has been a shining light in Dortmund’s triumphant double winning team and Gomez Scored 41 goals this season for Bayen Munich. So Germany are my tips to win it.

Top Goal Scorer: Well as a watcher of the English Premier League I have the Honour of watching Robin Van Persie every week and let me tell you this boy can score goals but for me there are a few that can win this. Gomez (Mentioned above), Ronaldo (do I really need to tell you why), Rooney (why not???), Benzema (Real Madrid’s 2nd top scorer) and there are a few who have a lower reputation like Jelavic or Di Natale. For me I think it will be Mario Gomez (I seem like a Germany Fan but im an England fan)

Surprise team? Well I think this will be whoever comes out of Group A I would expect England France, Spain and Italy, Germany and either Holland or Portugal to go through and none of those can be a surprise but Poland, Greece (I know they won 04 but still), Russia and Czech Rep will be the surprise team I can see Russia and Czech going through so im going Czech Rep but look out for the Croatians I think they will be good but im not sure how good. Can they be better than Italy? I guess we will see.

Find of the Tournament. This is the player like Rooney in 04 or Arshavin in 08. they player who has a reputation as a good player but will improve it no end by the end of it. Well I think its one of Gotze, Alan Dzagoev of Russia, Christian Eriksen of Denmark or Sebastian Giovinco of Italy. Im going to go with Dzagoev remember the name.

So I know what your thinking “what can we expect from this blog Wezza” firstly I will try and run through all the teams in the next two weeks (don’t expect much about Poland and Ukraine because well quite frankly I don’t know much about them). When the tournament starts ill review every game, what that means and what I thought.

We are going to have fun so I hope you enjoy the ride.  

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